New Purchase Engine, Discount Program, Summer Sale, and More!

Hello Friends!

A lot has happened in the past several hours..  The short version is that I’ve upgraded to a new purchase engine!  I know that doesn’t sound very exciting, but here’s what it means to you:  Two exciting new opportunities for you to get your hands on a PMCv2 at a discount!  As usual, I’m letting you newsletter subscribers know long before anybody else.  Hurrah!

Unverified Model Discount Program!

Here’s a simple incentive to get more model numbers tested– try a PMCv2 on a yet-untested 2008-2010 model Panasonic Plasma television, provide sufficient proof and feedback, and get half your money back as a way for me to say “thanks!”  Find out it doesn’t work?  How about a 100% refund?  Unfortunately, since eBay has no way of allowing such a discount program, this offer is limited to USA and Canada buyers only.  More details (and the fine print) can be found on the PMCv2 product page:

Summer Sale! (June 18 – July 31)

It’s summer! (well, almost.  A few days away..)  I thought I’d kick off summer (and put the new purchase engine through it’s paces) with a little summer sale.  Buy more, save more.

Overseas?  No problem!  THIS sale eBay CAN support.  YOU MUST follow eBay’s rules, however, or there’s NOTHING that I can do about it.

Head over to the PMCv2 product page to check out the full details and instructions for eBay customers (and the fine print):

Wait, TWO Specials?

Yes!  And they’re stackable!  (Visit the PMCv2 product page for the fine print.)  Unfortunately only the quantity discount is available to customers outside the USA and Canada.  (Sorry guys– I’m trying here, I really am!)

Updated Purchase Terms and Conditions

Several folks were on-the-fence about purchasing because of how strict my no-returns policy was..  And while it is still strict, I did clarify one detail-  if you receive a non-functional unit (doa, or dead-on-arrival), of course I will get it replaced.  I’m not out to take advantage of anyone, quite the opposite.  I’m really a nice fellow — but I greatly dislike being taken advantage of myself, thus the stringent refund terms and conditions..  Head over to the Terms and Conditions page to check up on the latest T’s & C’s:

Automatic Newsletter Subscribing

Finally the new purchase engine allows me to automatically subscribe new customers to the PMCv2 newsletter.  Of course you can still unsubscribe at any time.

Website Troubles?

It’s taken me several hours fighting with the web softwares to get all this setup properly, so please let me know if you encounter any errors or find something that just doesn’t look right.  I think it’s all setup properly…