Hacker Special

As BlackHat USA 2015 and DEFCON 23 are fast approaching, I am offering a limited time offer to anyone who wishes to meet me at one of the conferences for a special price on a brand new PMCv2!  What’s the price?  Who knows!  USD$20?  Free?  Since these  conferences are geared towards encouraging networking, dialog, and learning, I’m not fixing a specific price.  Want to just say hi and get a deal?  — how about USD$30?  Wonna hang out for a while and meet some new people?  — how about USD$20?  Wonna learn to hack the PMCv2 or teach an old dog some new tricks in coding, security, hacking, … ?  — how about free?  (hint: it’s not going to be hard to teach me a new trick — I don’t know much!)

I will have a dozen or two with me at the conference..  If you’re interested in meeting up at BH2015 or DC23, drop me a note ASAP!