Lesson 4: Regroup, Review, Restart

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Life Happens.

It’s been over two years since our last game design class.  Partly because I didn’t know how to handle the kids’ diverging skill levels.  And partly because things became quite busy.

But Now We’re Back!

This was a review class because it had been so long since our last class … we basically reviewed the first three classes (First, Second, Third) in a single session.  We replayed some of the games (they loved it), reviewed the basics of using Twine, and I introduced them to SugarCube, a new style format available in Twine 2 that we’ll be using for future classes.


SugarCube. It’s a “story format” in Twine.  Story Story Formats basically tell Twine how to do what it does …  The story format describes things like how the final game is actually presented to the user (when you export it to HTML), as well as some of the underlying code mechanics.  I looked at some examples between several of the available story formats for Twine 2, and thought that SugarCube looked like something that the kids (having no prior coding experience), could pick up and understand more easily.

Since the kids would soon be coding, I also began putting together a Twine 2 and SugerCube quick-reference guide for them to use.  I will include it in the next class write-up.