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2020 PMCv2 Build Planning

Happy New Year! 

Once again, as I predicted, life and work have consumed so much of my time.  However, this short note is to inform everyone that I have submitted quote requests for a 2020 build of PMCv2.  It will be a repeat build of the existing design.  I would love to update the design  based on awesome feedback from previous customers, but I just don’t have time.  I figure rebuilding the same thing, although a slightly outdated design by modern standards, is better than not producing any!  So stay tuned.  Hopefully I’ve have quotes back within a couple of weeks from all the various suppliers. 

Also — if you’re interested in being a distributor, let me know!  I’m willing to offer some financial incentive to anyone willing to step up.


2019 PMCv2 Build Update

Hello, everyone!  I know it’s been radio-silence for some time.  Lots of life happening in 2019!  I hope everyone is doing well.  I have caught up on all the feedback and messages sent (thank you!), but I have not replied to all of them.

Long story short; I am considering a fall 2019 build! 

This time around I am considering having the chips pre-programmed to save assembly time.  And I am also considering using “fulfillment through”  I am far too busy this year to be able to always guarantee a fast shipment after received payment.   I will need to raise between $2,500 and $5,000 to produce enough PMCv2’s that I shouldn’t run out for several years to come.

If we do this together, it can work.  Most likely I will have to take pre-payment, with an expected ship-date of some 3-5 months after payment.  Kind of like a kick-starter..  I don’t want to use kick-starter though because they take a significantly large chunk of the monies earned and I would have to end up raising the price to cover the costs.  Due to PayPal policies, I would likely have to take payment in two pieces; 50% non-refundable “as a service” to help fund the build, and then once ready, a follow-up 50% of the purchase price that I actually ship against once they’re ready.  (Paypal doesn’t like to have “open orders” for so long a period.)

Please respond to the poll below if you would be interested.  I will let it run for about a month, and then decide near the end of August.  Thanks!

Oh- and let’s assume the purchase price will still be around $50.  (That may change depending on China tariffs.)

What is your level of interest for a 2019 build of PMCv2 units?

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PMCv2 2018 Wrap-up

Hello PMCv2 customers! It is with great joy that I can say that the 2018 build of PMCv2’s was a huge success. Together, we built 95 units with all profits going directly to my local chuch’s mission fund, and I am excited to report that we sold all of them! (The last PMCv2 was sold on December 8th.) Just a few moments ago, I finished the financials in order to make the final offering to the mission fund, and am super excited to report that PMCv2 customers donated a whopping $2,368.70 to the local mission fund! Thank You!

Since I am once again sold out, I have already begun receiving questions about another build. As before, I have decided to wait to see how much interest I receive over the next several months. If any of you would be interested in taking over production and sales of future units, shoot me an email. I would be more than happy to discuss.


PMCv2 2018 Now Shipping Worldwide!

Hello International PMCv2 Fans and Customers!

It is with great pleasure that I announce PMCv2 sales are now available worldwide!  The old eBay page seems to have been lost to time, and it took me a while to create a new one, but I think it’s got all the relevant information in it, as well as a link back to the product page here for FAQ’s..

Been waiting for a PMCv2 outside the USA and/or Canada?  Head on over to eBay today!


PMCv2 2018 First Shipments!

Just a quick update to say, …. Woo hoo!!!   First shipments of PMCv2 2018 build are in the books!   And with these first shipments, $843.72 has been donated to our local church missions fund!   Thank you, everyone!   (NOTE for international sales: eBay sales will open this Wednesday, July 25th!)

Attached is a photo of this weekend’s shipping party (stylized using Prisma for privacy purposes)…

May the rest of your weekend be blessed!

2018 PMCv2’s are Programmed!

Hello PMCv2 Customers and Fans!  The 2018 build of PMCv2’s is nearing completion.  Tonight I finished programming all 100 units!  Over the coming days, I will be installing the protective heat-shrink and printing instruction sheets.  Over the next 2 weeks I will be running every unit through its final self-test and putting together shipping packages and printing labels.  I cannot give an exact date for shipment, but it will most certainly be This Month!  When your unit ships, you should receive an email from PayPal.  Once all preorders are shipped, I will open up eBay sales and send out another email update.

For some fun (and proof of device-life), here are a few pictures from earlier tonight.