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Last Remaining PMCv2’s, and an Australian Opportunity

Last Few Remaining PMCv2’s

It has been a long and wonderful journey, but we are finally nearing the end of an era.  The last few remaining PMCv2’s are almost gone.  I counted tonight and there are only around twenty (20) PMCv2’s left!  They are ready to ship, but they won’t last long!  If you’ve been on the fence about ordering a PMCv2, you’re almost out of time…  (For those wondering, since there are so few left, I will not be offering any discounts or specials.  This includes a cancellation of the untested-model discount program.)   I will allocate around half to the website (USA and Canada sales) and the rest to eBay (worldwide), and when they’re gone, they’re gone!

It has been such a pleasure to have served so many people around the world.  I have developed new friendships, have had great conversations, and have received numerous kind emails and wonderful feedback regarding the device, its ease-of-use, and its rock-solid performance.  Thanks to each of you for your support and your business.  It has been a real honor.

Opportunity (and Incentive!) for Australia (and why not — how about the USA too!)

Times change, and so do our lives (and our skin!).  As I am winding down this PMCv2 operation, my wife has begun winding up her own operation as a Rodan and Fields (R+F) skincare consultant.  R+F just posted their best year ever, with over USD$1B in revenue in 2016.  This isn’t your mom’s old Avon products; it’s a modern and scientific skincare line by the same people who formulated the world-renowned Proactiv® Solution for acne.  Their business model is modern too; no ordering and stock-piling products for your customers– instead, they order directly from R+F and products are shipped directly to them!  My wife simply wanted to “try it out,” but ended up loving their products so much that she went into business for herself under the R+F consultant model in 2016.

In May 2017, R+F will open up their products and business model in Australia.  For a limited time, there are opportunities to find out more about R+F as a prospective consultant — before their official launch!  If you or your spouse (or referred friend) might at all be interested, please feel free to shoot me a reply to this email or connect with me at the website (  I’ll be happy to get you connected with her!  You can also check out her R+F business page directly at  Getting in on the ground floor as R+F enters a new market like this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity!

And, as an incentive, if you’ve ever purchased a PMCv1 or PMCv2 device at any time in the past (or purchase one of the few remaining units) and become a consultant under my wife, I’ll give you a 100% refund on your purchase price!  It’s that simple!  I have seen what R+F can do for her skin, and have no doubt it can work miracles for yours, your spouse’s, and your kids’ too!  Acne, sun damage, lines and wrinkles… Even if you’d just like more information … go ahead and get in touch!

(Awe, heck, let’s make this even better — how about whether you’re in Australia or the USA, I’ll give you both the same incentive!  Not interested but have a friend?  Sure, why not!  It’s been a fun ride — time to give back!)

So, what are you waiting for?  Shoot me an email and let’s get this (next) party started!


First Ever PMCv2 Cyber Monday Sale!

First Ever PMCv2 Cyber Monday Sale!

Haven’t purchased your PMCv2 yet?  Need a stocking stuffer idea?  How about 50% off all PMCv2’s for one day only?  I’ll make it even easier — the coupon code (“CM2016”) will be applied automatically to all orders placed on Cyber Monday (28 Nov)!

Tell your friends, beg your parents, encourage your co-workers..  This sale could very well exhaust the rest of the PMCv2 stock …

Thanks for your interest in the PMCv2!

Watch a movie and get a discount!

vidangel refrral link

What better way to get a discount on a PMCv2 than watching a movie!?

I recently stumbled across VidAngel, a company that gives you the power to filter movies based on all sorts of content (language, sex, immodesty, gore, drugs & alcohol, etc).  They leverage a 2005 US law called the Family Movie Act, which gives you the right to filter content in your home if you own the movie.  So through VidAngel, you buy the movie (held on your behalf by VidAngel), setup the filters, watch the movie, and then when you’re done, you have the option to keep the movie or sell it back to VidAngel.  (VidAngel makes money by buying the movie back minus a simple $1 or $2 fee (if you watched SD or HD, respectively).

I tried VdiAngel for the fist time recently with my family using The Goonies (a classic!). It worked wonderfully!  Areas of audio filtering just blanked the audio for that clip, and areas of video filtering just skipped that segment altogether (such as troy trying to look down Andy’s shirt in the car).

I have enjoyed it so much I’d like to share it with everyone.  And in full disclosure, I’m hoping to earn a few free VidAngel credits through referrals.  🙂   In return, however, if you sign up and watch a movie using my link, I’ll give you a $5 discount off a PMCv2!  Just email me after you sign up and watch your first movie, and I’ll give you a custom discount code.  Easy!  (note: I’m not sure that VidAngel works internationally; this may only be good for US customers.)

Here’s the link with my referral code (and so is the image link above).  Feel free to share it with anyone and everyone!


Save 20% on all PMCv2’s (USA & Canada Only)

Since the July special for USA & Canada fell through, I’m replacing it with a September special — 20% all PMCv2 purchases!  That’s roughly $10 off the already discounted $49.95 price.  Just use coupon code “BackToSchool” to get the discount…  Sorry, this is for USA & Canada only (PayPal customers).  eBay customers had their special in July!

Feel free to spread the news about the discount coupon to friends, family, Facebook, reddit, and any other social media outlet as you see fit!  And thanks for your continued interest in PMCv2!


ps.- If you are a customer within USA or Canada and have already placed an order in September prior to this newsletter update, shoot me an email with your order date and email address and I’ll retro-actively apply the discount to you…

July Specials on PMCv2!

International July Specials

Summer is upon us again, and I decided to throw our international customers a special.  How about first-class international shipping for just USD$10?  (Really that just covers eBay and PayPal fees — it’s more like free international shipping!)

I’m also inclined to open up one or two test cases of international first-class sales via PayPal rather than eBay.  If interested, drop me a note..

USA & Canada July Specials

I’m trying to think of a good special to run for customers in the USA and Canada..  I’m thinking about maybe a bulk discount..  For each one to commit to purchase in July, that’s $1 off each item.  So, five people commit, that’s $5 off each purchase.  Ten folks?  Ten bucks off- – each.  Twenty folks?  Twenty bucks off — EACH.  Probably have to draw the line at $20/off … I might actually be loosing money on that much of a deal, but I’m in a festive mood..   Let’s chat about it over at AVSforum (click here for AVSforum discussion)..


Please ignore last “update” email

For some reason today, the website decided to send out an “update” to the very first PMCv1 blog post that I ever wrote!  I have no idea why that happened, but I am terribly sorry.  Please ignore it.  (And this one, too, I suppose.)

While I’m at it, however, I will say that I am interested in getting rid of the remaining PMCv2 stock.  I may run a price special in the near future, or I may run an advertisement on CNET, or I may go some other route.  If you have suggestions or feedback, please feel free to contact me.  If you are interested in buying in bulk at a substantial discount and then reselling them yourself, we can discuss that too.  (hint: the larger the order, the larger the discount!)

eBay Shipping and Remaining Stock Updates

eBay Global Shipping Program Update

Hello PMCv1/v2 customers!

After almost a full year of complaints about the shipping rates charged by eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP), I have decided to try shipping direct for a little while.  This is a test, and may be short-lived if too many customers have bad experiences.  To-date, eBay’s GSP has been expensive, but every customer experience has been positive.  If that begins to change, then I will revert back to eBay’s GSP.  Likewise if I see an increase in attempted eBay scams, I will revert back to eBay’s GSP.  It is a reluctant change, but one that I am willing to give a trial period.

I have updated the listing not only to reflect the updated shipping methods, but also to reflect the updated terms and conditions for international shipments.  These terms and conditions may seem harsh but are obviously written to would-be scammers.  As always, I reserve the right to make exceptions as I see fit.   🙂

Two international shipment methods are now available for customers outside the USA.  Below is the text taken from the updated eBay item description:

  • USPS First Class International Package – LESS expensive, but… NO tracking information, NO insurance, NO refunds, NO exchanges.
    NOTE: Customers purchasing first class international to save money may NOT file complaints about lost or damaged packages.  You save money by assuming ALL risk during international shipping.
  • USPS Priority International Package – MORE expensive, but… WITH tracking information AND insurance (only for countries for which USPS provides tracking and insurance coverage at the time of insurance filing, which is subject to change by USPS.  Seller is not liable for changes in USPS tracking and insurance policies).  NO refunds.  Exchanges ONLY for damaged goods, and after damaged item is mailed back and received by seller.  Return shipping is the buyer’s expense, should an exchange become necessary.

Remaining Quantity Update

As of Feb 2016, I estimate to have around 150pcs left out of a total original stock of 600 PMCv1/v2 devices produced.  I suspect this will last sometime through the middle of 2016 and may start selling out faster once people know stock is limited.  If you’ve been on the fence, they may not be available much longer.  There are currently no plans to build additional PMCv2 devices.