Purchase Terms & Conditions

  • [ssba_hide]The buyer assumes all risk through the installation, use, or misuse, etc. of any and all goods and/or services purchased through this transaction.
  • Returns/refunds are not allowed.
  • Exchanges are allowed only when purchased unit(s) arrive broken and/or non-functional (aka DOA, or “Dead On Arrival”).  Contact us to arrange replacement.  Buyer will be responsible for return shipping, replacement will be sent at no additional cost.
  • No guarantee or warranty of any kind is expressed or implied for any goods and/or services purchased from audiodane and/or D&K Designs.  audiodane and D&K Designs are both hobby ventures and cannot afford the cost of liability coverage, so no such coverage is provided.
  • audiodane and/or D&K Designs desire 100% customer satisfaction and reserve the right to offer exceptions to these T&C’s on a case-by-case basis. Any exceptions offered do not override, reduce, or diminish the strength or intention of any other terms or conditions expressed herein.
  • Completion of this purchase transaction constitutes acceptance on behalf of the buyer to these terms and conditions.