Discounts for Untested Models

Are you interested in the PMCv2 but hesitant because your model is in the “Untested” list?  Would a discount help entice you to try one out?  I am considering 50% discounts to those customers buying a PMCv2 for models listed as “Untested” so that we can get them properly categorized!  Would that help?  Let me know (website, AVSforum, or Twitter)!

I’m looking to make a decision in about a week, so your feedback is appreciated.

What About that Pesky Return Policy?

Hmm, maybe we can update that too.  How about refunds will be granted to those units purchased for untested models, as long as the unit is returned in proper working order?  (e.g. I don’t give refunds if you run over it with your skateboard!)

What About DOA Units?

I suppose I never directly mentioned DOA (Dead-On-Arrival) anywhere, but I just recently had a customer ask about it.  I will never refuse replacement if a unit arrives dead-on-arrival, period.  (I may require you ship it back to me, however, so that I’m not taken advantage of myself.)  I apologize if any customer has been unclear on that issue.

What About eBay Orders?

That’s a good question.  I think we can work that out too.  eBay items have been updated to no longer require immediate payment via PayPal.  Supposedly that allows “counter offers” to be made.. which means you can buy it, not pay for it, shoot me an email, and I can go back and set a discounted price for the item in your cart before you pay for it.  I have not tried this yet, so I’m not sure.  But I’m sure we can work something out..