Software v2.2 Instructions Posted

The instructions for the updated software v2.2 are now posted and available.  All orders shipped on or after 25 April 2015 include the new software.  However, since I had already printed off 500 copies of the original PMCv2 installation and operation instructions, I am not including a printout of the updated v2.2 instructions but rather a small strip of paper pointing you to the website for the updated instructions.

The new version yet again re-purposes switch #1 (LED on/off switch) into a selection for automatic versus manual mode.  Some users have requested the ability to force a manual operation, and others may need it for their particular model television.  Because switch #1 has been re-purposed, the default behavior for the LEDs now are to turn off after a few seconds so as to not bother those customers using the device in ultra-dark rooms.

Please find the updated instructions at the link below:
Software v2.2 Instructions