Gx2x & Vx2x Update

Whew, after three weeks of travel, I am glad to be home!  Lots of Gx2x and Vx2x updates to discuss.  “Let me explain. No, there is too much. Let me sum up.” – Inigo Montoya

First, the good–

The Gx2x & Vx2x testing has resulted in a software update that I think some customers will like (and others may not care about), namely a “force reset” mechanism.  During the Gx2x testing, I re-purposed the LED switch to enable the user to force the PMCv2 to perform a timer check.  However, a small further tweak that I plan to make tonight will enable the user not to just force an MLL timer check but rather an MLL timer reset.  That gives you the ability to just go ahead and clear it whenever you want, or leave it in auto-mode and it will operate the way it always has.. (The undo switch remains and will still operate as usual.)  I think this will make several customers happy (several have requested such a feature), and if you have an older PMCv1/v2 that you would like updated to the new software, just get in touch with me and we’ll work out the details.  This change will remove the option to switch the LED’s between “always on” and “off when idle” (LEDs will be permanently set to “off when idle”). All outstanding orders will be shipped with this new software version.

Next, the bad–

Despite even the forcing mechanism, the PMCv2 is still not working with Adam’s G25.  The signal (“IIC_CONT”) that causes all other models to enter the service mode (per both CLKTMR’s and mironro’s instructions) does not seem to work on Adam’s G25.  Whether or not it will work on the GT25, V20, etc, I do not know.

What About Mironto’s DIY Method?

I contacted mironto several weeks ago to see if he had any insight into the Gx2x issue.  Unfortunately, he has not received any feedback (positive or negative) from G20/G25 owners either.  And he, too, does not have of one of those models to test.  As a result, both mironto and myself are at somewhat of a loss regarding how to proceed, and neither of us have any affected models on-hand to test using our lab equipment.

It seems to both mironto and myself that 2011 model years (xx30 model numbers) no longer use the IIC_CONT signal to gain access to the IIC bus that the Panel EEPROM is attached to.  We further believe that some Gx2x and Vx2x models from 2010 may have had the 2011 technique applied to them. There must be another mechanism to access the Panel EEPROM, but that mechanism is currently unknown.

Which Models Are Affected?

Good question!  Fortunately there seem to be only a few models affected..  But the issue doesn’t seem to be simply Gx2x and Vx2x models.  I have received positive reports (PMCv1/v2 works) from customers with GT20E, VT20, and VT25 models, and I have received negative reports (PMCv1/v2 does not work) from customers with G20, G25, GT25, and V20.  The best I can do is provide that information on the PMCv2 product page and let you decide if you want to give it a shot.

But I Have A G20/G25/GT25/V20!

Are you willing to try mironto’s DIY method?  If so, great!  Let us know (here or AVSforum) how it goes!

What’s Next?

I hope you will all agree that I have tried very hard to support ALL 2008-2010 models, but since this is just a side hobby, at some point I have to call it what it is and move on.  At this point I am marking this as a “Known Issue” and moving on.  If at some point in the future additional information is learned that enables a solution for these (few) models, I will post an update.

Now that I’m back from travel, and with this issue closed, shipments will resume this weekend.  The software update mentioned above will be rolled into all shipments as of 25 April 2015.  If you have an existing PMCv1/v2 that you would like updated to the new software version, let me know and we’ll see what we can work out..

thanks for your support and continued interest in the PMCv1/v2!