Scale Cutout Revealed

Would an actual-size, scale-model cutout of the PMCv1 excite anyone?


The design was created using EAGLE, an amazingly affordable Schematic and PCB layout tool that I’ve been using since 2006. I printed out both front and back sides “actual size,” then cut them out and taped them together.  The image above shows the bottom side of the unit. As you can see, the PMCv1 is a little taller but narrower than a US quarter.  In more technical terms, it’s 1.15″ high x 0.500″ wide.  Not shown is the connector and its five (5) wires that will actually connect to the TV.

Production Programming Header Ordered

I placed an order tonight for a card-edge connector (for the curious, I’m using this little guy) that should connect to the thin card edge traces (aka “fingers”) near the top edge of the board in the above photo. It should be here in about two days, and I’ll use it to “test-fit” with the scale cutout in the photo. This is going to be the “mass” programming header (quick, easy, no-solder) for the PMCv1 units. This is the last check before placing the order for the first 100 PMCv1 units. If it fits, then I’ll start placing orders for boards, parts, 3 types of TV connectors, heat-shrink tubing, shipping envelopes, and mailing labels!

Pre-order Status

As soon as I get all the parts ordered, I’ll start working on the PayPal pre-order page.  That activity should start sometime next week. I don’t know yet how pre-orders will even work– I need to research that on PayPal and see what options exist. I don’t know if a pre-order will charge you at the time of pre-order placement, or at the time of order fulfillment.  But whatever it is, I will be sure to make it very clear on the ordering page.

Expected Availability

To keep costs low, I am opting for the absolute slowest production speed; that means it will take about 6-weeks for the first 100 PMCv1’s to be produced. Slow, but affordable. If all goes well, first units for sale will be ready about 2-weeks after that.  So, roughly 8-weeks from today.  During the 6-week production time, I will prepare the software for the new custom PMCv1 hardware, as well as prepare the custom programming header.

More next week!