Whew, finally a chance to breath!

My apologies to everyone who has been wondering if I fell off the face of the Earth. I had a really big project come through at work but it had huge amounts of tasks in only a 4-6 week window.  I was working all sorts of crazy hours trying to get it all done. The project went well, I think the customer is happy (so far), and it looks like I’m still employed for a the foreseeable future.  All those are good things.  However PMCv1 didn’t get any attention during that time, which is bad.  The silver lining to more PMCv1 delays is that I caught a bug in the PMCv1 hardware that needed to be fixed before production, and last night I finally had time to fix it.

Moving Forward..

So we had a 4-6 week delay in the project due to work, but I’m ready to move forward again now. The board problem has been fixed, and I also found a simpler way to program the boards in quantity which will really help. Because it’s been over 30 days, I have to get the suppliers to refresh their quotes, but a refresh shouldn’t take but a couple of days so it should go fairly quickly.  I am looking to finalize everything any place the order for 100pcs of PMCv1 hardware in the next week or so!