Initial Production Order Placed

I am pleased and proud to report that the first 100pcs of PMCv1 are now officially in production.  Additionally, even though I’ve yet again slipped several weeks past my last target date for an 6-week order, I was able to place a much quicker 3-week order in an attempt to reduce the delays to first availability.

I have setup the PayPal “Buy Now” button for the ordering of the first 100 PMCv1 units (buying is not yet enabled, I’m just getting it all ready).  Depending on demand, this will be either the first and last run of PMCv1 units, or the first of many PMCv1 units. If it takes more than 6 months to sell 100 PMCv1 units, then I will probably retire the product. I am hopeful that there is enough demand to deplete PMCv1 stock within 60 days; that would allow me to place another order for 300 or even 500 units!

Once I receive the initial units and have tested them and am comfortable that they are functional, I will open up the website ordering process.  My current expectations are to receive the items in early July and put them up for sale near mid- to late- July. But as we’ve all learned through this process, “Semper Gumby,” or be always flexible.

Other Changes to the Site

I have begun the transition of these pages into to a product sales area. This transformation includes conversion of this development blog into a “Timeline” style capture of the history of PMCv1 and its predecessor discoveries at AVS Forum. You can find that page here, I hope you enjoy it.  Soon I will remove access to the development blog but will maintain the mailing list for future updates.

I have also begun to capture some S.T.E.M. resources as well as my perspective on how to harness things like the Creative Writing process in order to teach Engineering techniques to kids.  This is a woefully young and incomplete process on my site, but I’ve put some stuff together as a placeholder (if nothing else) for something larger in the future.  I hope you enjoy it.

thanks for reading!