Update: Installation and Model Support

Several customers outside the USA have received their PMCv2 units this week, some are reporting success, some success but recommending that I update my instructions, and some failure.  I wanted to capture them here for clarity..

Updated Instructions: Non-USA Model TV’s

It seems that some models work a little differently than others.  Here in the USA, when you plug in the TV, the TV powers up into standby mode, but does not turn on.  It seems that some non-USA models operate a little differently.  If you have a non-USA model and your TV turns all the way on when you plug it in (and see a picture on the screen), then the PMCv1/v2 instructions won’t exactly work right..  Below is a small tweak to the instructions for those customers:

  1. Put the TV into standby mode using the remote control.
  2. With the TV in standby, power off using the button on the front of the TV panel.
  3. Install the PMCv2 into the TV’s service connector.
  4. Power up the TV to standby mode using the button on the front of the TV panel (do not use remote just yet).
  5. Both PMCv2’s LEDs will light for 5 seconds and then the solid green LED only on the PMCv2 indicates that the PMCv2 is ready to operate.
  6. Now use the remote control to bring the TV out of standby mode. The TV’s front LED will change from red to green, no image appears on the TV and the PMCv2 green LED blinks once every few seconds. The TV has now successfully reset black levels but still shows no picture.
  7. Now simply turn off and turn the TV back on again (using either the remote or button on the front of  the TV), the TV should function normally with restored black levels.
  8. Note that on your model TV, the PMCv1/v2 will only check the black level timer when using the remote to bring the TV out of standby mode.  You may still use the TV’s front button, but occasionally use the remote instead to turn on the TV.  This will ensure that the PMCv1/v2 can occasionally perform the reset if necessary.

These instructions should work for some non-USA models where the TV does not always remain in standby mode when plugged into the wall outlet.  This has been the case on a V10B model so far.

Incompatibility #1 Update: Gx2x Models

I am nearing completion of some test software to help figure out the timing problems on the Gx2x models.  Interestingly, as already mentioned, I have a confirmed success on a GT20E.  However I also have confirmed problem report for G25, GT25, and G20.  I will keep everyone posted when the test device is shipped to Adam for testing.  Thanks Adam!

Incompatibility #2: TV LED Blinking

I have received several emails in the past two days from customers outside the USA that are reporting the PMCv2 is not working.  But in their cases, unlike the Gx2x model issue reported above, they are indicating that the PMCv2 is on with a solid green light, and when they go to turn on the TV, the PMCv2 LED turns off and the TV’s front LED begins blinking.  Resolution is to remove the PCMv2 device and turn the TV off and back on (by holding down the button on the front of the TV.   The remote control doesn’t work when the TV’s front LED is blinking). This *could* be the same problem as the issue that we’re seeing on the Gx2x models (and I hope it is), but I can’t be for sure yet.  Customers indicating this issue have the following models: G20E, V20E.

How Widespread Are These Problems?

I’ll be honest, I wondered that myself.  In an effort to maintain (unnecessary) transparency, I’ll say that as of today I have sold almost 200 PMCv1/v2 units, and I only have about 11 cases that I have not been able to resolve with a few simple email exchanges (some were simply misunderstood instructions).  That’s about 5% problem ratio.  Now, that’s about 5% more than I would like to see, but still that means around 95% of all PMCv1/v2 customers are happy with their restored black levels.  That makes me feel good.  And hopefully I can get that all the way back up to 100% soon.