Gx2x & Canada Updates

Is it just me or does it seem everything either piles up at once, or there’s nothing to do?

You Are Here –> Data Gathering Phase

Work has been quite busy lately, but I did manage to get the customized PMCv2 software prepared this week for our fearless volunteer Adam to test .  It’ll ship out Monday, he’ll run the custom PMCv2 device on his TV, and send it back at the end of the week with a log of test results.  The PMCv2 will perform 32 different timing tests on reading his panel’s MLL counter and record the results on an SD Card (and some additional data provided by Adam during the tests indicating how the TV responds to the test software).  That this phase should only take about 1 week.  Hopefully 32 different timing tests will be sufficient!

Then Comes –> Updated MLL-Reset Testing

In about a week I’ll have Adam’s test data, and will prepare an updated version of custom software, this time attempting to clear his panel MLL counter, based upon the earlier test results.  More than likely it, too, will have multiple tests and Adam will report back how his TV responds.  This phase, too, should only take about 1 week.  But the big assumption here is that we gathered enough data earlier that at least one (and hopefully more) timing method(s) work on his TV!

Followed By –> Unit Update Service Available

Once these two rounds have occurred (successfully), I will contact those reporting Gx2x incompatibilities and see if they are interested in returning their PMCv1/v2 for a free software upgrade..  Customers will have to cover the return shipping to me, and I’ll cover the return shipping back to them.  I think that’s fair..  Once again I will be unable to guarantee that it works, but of course I am not planning to spend all this time and effort for nothing..

Oh, Canada!

Almost A MONTH AGO, another fearless customer agreed to try out PayPal’s shipments-to-Canada.  I don’t know if it’s been typical or not, but it JUST cleared customs at the border, some three or four weeks after I put it in the mail..  Whew.. Hopefully it will arrive this week.  However it all works out, I’ll send out another email soon to notify Canadian customers of their options.

Thanks to everyone for their continued interest and support in the PMCv2!