Test Platform Video

A simple test platform is up and running that tests the LEDs and the three communication pins!  PMCv1 is that much closer to sales.  Remaining tasks include building the programming adapter (to program them quickly), testing the units, and getting the bubble wrap envelopes! A 15sec video of the simple test platform is included below.

PHR11 or GHR11?

Unfortunately when building the test platform, I could only find a PHR11 connector (Digikey, Newark, etc), which is the larger of the two.  The good news is that most models use the larger PHR connector.  Unfortunately however I cannot at this time test a PMCv1 with a smaller GHR connector.  As I approach sales, I will clearly indicate which models use which connector and its current state of testing..  I am not going to hold up PHR sales.  I have not yet decided if I am going to offer untested GHR connector units.  Even if I put a PHR connector on the board and test it, there is always a chance that changing the connector to a GHR connector introduces problems (bad solder joint, etc). Hopefully it will not be long and I’ll be able to track down a GHR11 board connector so I can build a GHR test adapter.

Yadda, yadda– What’s Your ETA?

A couple weeks?  Next week I’ll get the  programming adapter soldered, and the following week I will try to test at least 50 PMCv1 units with PHR11 connectors.  Once I have a number of units tested, I will put up the sale page!