First 18 Units Tested

The envelopes and shipping labels aren’t even supposed to be here until tomorrow, but thanks to a super coworker who stopped by after work to help get these things done, we have all 100 PMCv1’s through the basic test (loading the test program), and 18 of those now have connectors loaded and have had passed their I/O test — as far as I’m concerned, 18 units are ready for sale! … almost.

IMG_0994_sm IMG_0997_sm IMG_0998_sm IMG_0999_sm

So close!  So close!  What’s next?

I need to work on getting the sale page finished up with PayPal buttons. I also need to get some basic paperwork written to put in the envelope with the PMCv1 units.  (People following this blog may not need it, but it still needs to get done.)  I need to get the shrink-wrap that will protect the little microcontroller from touching anything within the TV after it’s connected.  (I totally forgot that when I ordered everything else from Amazon the other day.. du-OH!)  I also need to setup some sort of feedback page where people can post their experiences for others.  (I will probably have to moderate that page so spammers and trolls don’t take over though..) Thankfully the remaining tasks are each small.  But they still need to get done! I will try to squeeze in a few of these tasks throughout the week, but I can’t make any promises.

Still, we’re close! So close!