Proof Reading And Other Updates

I had some feedback AFTER printing 100 copies of the manual last time around with some mistakes in documentation..  I figured this time I’d put the document out for review BEFORE printing 500 copies.  🙂 Newsletter subscribers get it here first!  If you know much about grammar and/or technical writing for non-technical end-users and have a few minutes, I would really appreciate any feedback that you have on the PMCv2 installation guide.  I’m looking for feedback regarding readability and understandability and the typical spelling and grammatical error catching.  Thanks so much!

Use the following link to get the document:
PMCv2 Installation and Usage Instructions_revA
(The final document is now available at the PMCv2 product page.)

First 100pcs Almost Ready

I have the software updated for the LED brightness issue (see the 2nd paragraph of the 2nd page of the usage manual above for more information) and am in the process of programming all the boards.  I tested out the new heat shrink tubing this morning (the boards a slightly larger than last time) and it worked well.  I will have 100pcs ready and waiting for connector cables by the end of the day.  This will fill all the pre-order needs and leave a few for online ordering while I get the remaining 400pcs ready for sale.  The cable manufacturer was not able to hurry things up, but did indicate that I should expect to start receiving cables in the mail sometime this coming week!

But Then Again, Maybe Not

On top of the excitement of cables arriving, we also have snow and ice coming Monday, so that may negatively impact package delivery.   Since Alabama doesn’t normally get freezing weather, we don’t have quite the infrastructure that Boston does to deal with it.  Major roads typically get cleared, but neighborhoods and smaller roads are a toss-up.  Besides that, it’s typically an exciting time since it’s a rare occurrence– so when it does happen, most folks end up staying home with their kids making snowmen and sledding on whatever garbage can lids we can find.. 🙂  And yes– I will be raiding the supermarket tomorrow “just in case.”

Forty Feet of Heat-Shrink Tubing

Our picture tonight comes from the kitchen..  Most people may think an oven is for cooking food (and it is), but it can also be used for shrinking heat-shrink tubing!  120C is the shrink-point of polyolefin, which is just about 250F..  So I put batches of 40+ PMCv2 units at a time in trays for 5 minutes and let the magic begin.  Working like a charm.. Now for some dinner, and then back to programming boards!