PMCv2 Preparations

PMCv2 preparations are underway!  I took most of the day Saturday to build the new programming connector and getting everything operating properly on the new hardware.  The second switch that was previously unused is now used to turn the LED indicators off completely (a few folks folks thought the LEDs were too bright).  The first switch is still dedicated to the Run/Undo function as before.  I have a few more tests to run through with the software but will soon start programming the boards en-mass.  Then all that is left is applying the protective heat-shrink and putting them in envelopes.  When all the TV connector cables arrive, they’ll drop in the bags and shipments will begin!  For those still wondering, the best estimate I have is still the end of February.  Sorry I cannot be more specific yet!  When I know for sure, I will let everyone know here first!

For those who are interested, here is a photo of my dining room table this past Saturday and of a new PMCv2 unit close-up..