Watch a movie and get a discount!

vidangel refrral link

What better way to get a discount on a PMCv2 than watching a movie!?

I recently stumbled across VidAngel, a company that gives you the power to filter movies based on all sorts of content (language, sex, immodesty, gore, drugs & alcohol, etc).  They leverage a 2005 US law called the Family Movie Act, which gives you the right to filter content in your home if you own the movie.  So through VidAngel, you buy the movie (held on your behalf by VidAngel), setup the filters, watch the movie, and then when you’re done, you have the option to keep the movie or sell it back to VidAngel.  (VidAngel makes money by buying the movie back minus a simple $1 or $2 fee (if you watched SD or HD, respectively).

I tried VdiAngel for the fist time recently with my family using The Goonies (a classic!). It worked wonderfully!  Areas of audio filtering just blanked the audio for that clip, and areas of video filtering just skipped that segment altogether (such as troy trying to look down Andy’s shirt in the car).

I have enjoyed it so much I’d like to share it with everyone.  And in full disclosure, I’m hoping to earn a few free VidAngel credits through referrals.  🙂   In return, however, if you sign up and watch a movie using my link, I’ll give you a $5 discount off a PMCv2!  Just email me after you sign up and watch your first movie, and I’ll give you a custom discount code.  Easy!  (note: I’m not sure that VidAngel works internationally; this may only be good for US customers.)

Here’s the link with my referral code (and so is the image link above).  Feel free to share it with anyone and everyone!