Possible Incompatibility with Some Models

Some of you have seen on AVS forum and on the website a potential incompatibility with G25/GT25 models.  In light of that issue, I sent an email out to all PMCv1/v2 customers this morning.  Below is an excerpt of that email.

Who is this email for?

If you have a PMCv1 or PMCv2 that, no matter what you try, the device never blinks its LED, then this email may be for you.  There may be an incompatibility with your model, and I am trying to gather more information.

What is the matter?

Recently several G25 and GT25 customers have emailed me that their PMCv2 device does not seem to be working.  The LED remains solid-green, indicating that the device has not reset the panel EEPROM information.  (A successful reset would blink once every few seconds, an unsuccessful reset would blink twice every few resets.)
PMCv1 devices may or may not be subject to the same issue; the PMCv1 had a slightly older software that would not always maintain the blinking pattern until the TV was powered off and a blinking pattern could be missed on some sets.  PMCv2 software was updated such that if a reset occurred, the blink pattern would remain until the TV was powered off so that the user could positively identify that it occurred.

What is the cause of the problem?

As I have described throughout the PMCv1/v2 development process, I only have one TV model to test on (a G10).  With mironto’s support I developed an algorithm to automate his DIY method in an easy-to-use, self-contained, plug-and-play device.  And out of almost 200 units sold to-date, I have MANY happy customers.  However, there has always been a chance that a particular model wouldn’t like what I was doing.  It looks like that has finally happened.
At this time, I suspect the problem is related to minor timing differences with the G25/GT25 models..  I am hoping that I can gather enough additional information to update the software to work with the G25/GT25 models and any other models that may be affected.

What are you doing about it?

Gathering more information, and trying to develop an update to support the affected models.  This is going to be a multi-week effort because I will have to build up a customized PMCv2 with special software and a data logger and send it to a customer who has offered to do some testing for me.  I am building up the logging PMCv2 device this week and updating the software to try various things.  Next week they will run the unit and gather data and send it back to me for analysis.  From that I hope to adjust the PMCv2 software, ship it back to them and have them test the updated PMCv2 to see if it works with their set.  Once the fix is verified, then I will offer the update to those who need it.

What can I do to help?

  • Do you have an affected model and live in the Southeastern United States?  Maybe I could bring some equipment over and hook it up to your set and take some measurements?
  • Do you have an oscilloscope and/or logic analyzer, where I could send you a special connector with instructions on what data to gather from your set and send me pictures of the timing waveforms?
  • Do you have any other ideas?  Let me know.

What’s next?

  1. If you have an affected model, please let me know.
  2. I will setup a folder in my email to keep replies from affected customers so that I don’t have to mass email everyone again.
  3. I will keep this newsletter / development blog updated with more information as I learn more about the problem and as I hopefully develop a solution.
  4. For those who respond back, I will send out a follow-up email when I have a final solution.
Obviously I hoped this would never happen.  However now that it has, I hope that I have sufficiently described the situation and my plan of resolution to maintain your business (and your respect).
If you have any additional questions, please feel free to let me know.