PMCv2 Thanksgiving Update

Happy Thanksgiving!  The PMCv2 board and cable designs have been submitted for quotation.  I hope to have cost and schedule estimates in my inbox sometime early next week.  I am looking at building either 100, 250, or 500pcs for PMCv2, depending on how the cost and schedule looks.  Hopefully 500pcs pricing will not break the bank..

The preorder page will go live soon..  a few more days perhaps?  For now I will say February/March 2015 as a delivery date with a “subject to change” clause.  Once I get the quotes back and am happy with them and place the production order, I will update the preorder page (and this newsletter) with a more accurate set of shipping dates.

Preorders will only be accepted for domestic (USA) orders.  International customers will have to wait until I have units in-hand so that I can continue using eBay’s Global Shipping Program.  Speaking of international customers, we had way too many units get damaged during shipping– all international.  We had ONE unit get lost in the mail domestically (still trying to find it, ugh).  Out of 100pcs, I think we’re still within the statistical limits, but I don’t like having units arrive broken.  I will try to find out a better way to ship the next set of units.  International items will likely have an additional level of padding on them.

PMCv2 will have three distinct differences from PMCv1: Size (PMCv2 is slightly larger to protect it in shipping), Connector (PMCv2 will ship with BOTH 2008-2009 and 2010 TV connectors), and the Go/Undo switch is being changed to one that should be less easy to break in shipping.  As for software, the PMCv2 will use the exact same software as PMCv1 as a jumping off point but will add one small feature; that unused switch (switch #2) will be used to optionally turn OFF the LEDs.  Several customers indicated that the LEDs were too bright when all the lights were out and had to cover them up with tape..  PMCv2 will use switch #2 to completely turn off the LEDs.  Functionally, it will operate exactly the same as PMCv1, so no worries there.