PayPal FAIL, but PMCv2’s are On Their Way Anyway!


Good News: PayPal has a “multi order shipping” (MOS) option that allows you to print LOTS of labels at a time.

Bad News: PayPal MOS doesn’t support transactions older than 14 days. “FAIL.”

Silver Lining: I found a way to export a spreadsheet of all the pre-orders since December and import them into PayPal MOS and print them that way.

Tarnish on the Silver Lining: After all the labels were purchased and printed through the PayPal MOS Import method, I don’t think that it emailed tracking numbers to customers.  Since all the labels have been purchased and printed, there’s no easy way for me to go back and “try again.”  So, possible “FAIL” again, though I can’t be for sure since I don’t get copies of emails sent to the customer upon printing a shipping label.  There are two customers who had special situations that I had to print individually for, so I know at least two of you received tracking numbers.  The rest, no clue.  Ironically, had I printed every single label individually, I might have gotten done faster.  (sigh.)

Summary: If you have ordered a PMCv2 unit as of midnight 22 Feb 2015, your PMCv2 unit is packed, the label is printed, and tomorrow your PMCv2 will literally be “in the mail.”  (And yes, I am using “literally” in the proper way.)


  • So, can I email you and ask for my tracking number?
    Technically, yes.  I DO have tracking numbers for every shipment.  However, given the sheer number of pre-orders that I filled tonight, I kindly request that you give the package a full week before asking.  If you haven’t received it by Saturday, 28 Feb, then feel free to email me.
  • When will International Sales go live?
    Soon.  Not tonight.  I’ve been fighting PayPal for the past four hours trying to figure out how to get bulk labels purchased and printed for LOTS of customers outside the arbitrary 14-day window.  I’m tired and need to sleep.  I will try to get the eBay page up sometime this week.
  • What can I do while I wait?
    Locate the service connector access cover on the back of your TV and take a few good photos.  We need more example shots of the backs of various model TVs.  Send them to the address in the image below (username is audiodane, the domain is hotmail). Take a good whole-back-of-the-TV shot and maybe one slightly closer (not too close) that shows the access cover removed and the service connector underneath.
  • What can I do to say “thanks” when I get my PMCv2 and love it?
    Please consider providing feedback on the PMCv1/v2 Feedback Page, including your model number and any other information that you see fit.  I will scan through the feedback to update the “confirmed working” list of supported models over the coming weeks.
  • What’s next?
    Shipping, shipping, {breathing}, shipping, {filing taxes}, shipping, shipping. . .
  • No, I mean “what’s next” for me?
    Oh!  Go tell your friends about the PMCv2, and get them to order one or three!  Send them to — tweet it, facebook it, dig it, like it, hashtag it, whatever-other-buzzword-it, … you get the idea!
  • How many PMCv2’s are there?  When will you run out?  Will you make more?
    I built 100 last fall and sold out in 24 days.  This time I built 500 hoping that David K. at C|NET would be able to review the device, but alas he no longer has access to any 2008-2010 model Panasonic’s.  (sigh.)  So, for now at least, I have plenty.  There were a pretty significant number of pre-orders, and I know there are a a number of International customers chomping at the bit to get their hands on one.  I will evaluate my options when most of the current batch of 500 units is sold.  If they sell quickly, then I could conceivably go for a third round.  If they take all year (I hope not!), then likely not.