Panasonic MLL Reset Widget Pre-Design Feedback Request

I’m working on a little widget that plugs into the back of a Panasonic plasma television to periodically reset the minimum luminance level (MLL, aka “black level”) to its fresh, out-of-box, initial state. Theoretically this will apply to 11th gen (e.g. ), 12th gen (e.g. tc-p50g10), and 13th gen (e.g. ) model families. Maybe others, I don’t know. I am simply applying what I have read in the avsforum thread to a tiny, easy-to-install module. Specifically, I am building directly upon mironto’s site that details a DIY approach using an Arduino board. Miro, in turn, based his work off users clktmr and markone, also members of avsforum. Their work, in turn, was based on earlier effort to understand the why’s and how’s of the rising black levels in the first place. Without clktmr, markone, and mironto’s (and so many others’) previous works, this project would never exist. I’m simply taking all of their previous combined effort and packaging it into a self-contained widget that plugs in the back of the TV.  Much more information and background can be gathered by reading Orta’s initial post in the avsforum thread.

I’m going to call it PMCv1 (Panasonic Plasma MLL Clearer, version 1). Inventive, huh?

But there are several paths available for this solution, and I need some input.. If you would be so kind as to fill out and submit the form below, it would be a huge help.. Name and email is not strictly required, but I assure you that I won’t be giving that information out anywhere. It would simply help me get back in touch with you if I had additional questions..

Here are the answers that I have received so far (this is manually generated from the emails that I have received, I will update the graph several times per week during this feedback request period)..


I would appreciate as much feedback as possible, during this design phase! I expect this phase to last just a couple weeks.. The two pictures below should help with connector identification. Your TV may have the plastic service port tab in a different location, the example below was taken from the tc-p50g10 model.

(side of tc-p50g10, your model may be different)

(underneath plastic access cover of tc-p50g10)


Thanks for your feedback!

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