Mid-August Update

I apologize for the update delay.  In mid July (after my last update) I had a week long business trip, at the beginning of August I attended the Blackhat and DEFCON hacker conferences in Las Vegas, and tonight I am (hopefully) spending the last of five (5) nights in the hospital with my wife who was diagnosed on Friday with Pulmonary Embolisms (blood clots in her lungs).  To say I have been too busy to work on the PMCv1 is a bit of an understatement.  Here are some relevant updates:

Boards: I have received the repaired boards (as discussed in an earlier update, the red and green LEDs were swapped which would have caused you the customer endless confusion and me the designer endless questions and complaints).  I was able to work on the software some during my business trip in July and am anxious to get back to it. The software has been updated to run on the custom PMCv1 hardware and is just about ready for testing on my TV.  Unfortunately, I have not yet had time to develop a test scenario to easily and quickly test each unit before sale.  I am reluctant to ship units untested, so I am trying to develop a test as quickly as possible, but time has not been on my side lately.

Connectors: The connectors should be arriving any day; I received the shipping notification sometime while we’ve been in the hospital.

Availability: Some will curse me for saying that there has been another delay, some will understand that this labor of love is still, realistically, a hobby project and takes a back-seat to family and to work.  Either way, I’m trying as hard as I can to get it done, but lately I just haven’t had time.  I am disappointed and embarrassed.   🙁

Feet Selfie: Some folks post pictures of their feet overlooking the ocean or the pool.  Here is a shot of my wife and I doing our best to enjoy a rented DVD..  We are praying that we will be discharged tomorrow and allowed to return home.  We appreciate any and all prayers for continued and complete healing.. She’s finally feeling better, her fevers are gone, her pain is subsiding, and she’s finally sleeping next to me right now quite peacefully.  (At least for another hour until the nurse comes to change her IV.)