July Specials on PMCv2!

International July Specials

Summer is upon us again, and I decided to throw our international customers a special.  How about first-class international shipping for just USD$10?  (Really that just covers eBay and PayPal fees — it’s more like free international shipping!)

I’m also inclined to open up one or two test cases of international first-class sales via PayPal rather than eBay.  If interested, drop me a note..

USA & Canada July Specials

I’m trying to think of a good special to run for customers in the USA and Canada..  I’m thinking about maybe a bulk discount..  For each one to commit to purchase in July, that’s $1 off each item.  So, five people commit, that’s $5 off each purchase.  Ten folks?  Ten bucks off- – each.  Twenty folks?  Twenty bucks off — EACH.  Probably have to draw the line at $20/off … I might actually be loosing money on that much of a deal, but I’m in a festive mood..   Let’s chat about it over at AVSforum (click here for AVSforum discussion)..