eBay Shipping and Remaining Stock Updates

eBay Global Shipping Program Update

Hello PMCv1/v2 customers!

After almost a full year of complaints about the shipping rates charged by eBay’s Global Shipping Program (GSP), I have decided to try shipping direct for a little while.  This is a test, and may be short-lived if too many customers have bad experiences.  To-date, eBay’s GSP has been expensive, but every customer experience has been positive.  If that begins to change, then I will revert back to eBay’s GSP.  Likewise if I see an increase in attempted eBay scams, I will revert back to eBay’s GSP.  It is a reluctant change, but one that I am willing to give a trial period.

I have updated the listing not only to reflect the updated shipping methods, but also to reflect the updated terms and conditions for international shipments.  These terms and conditions may seem harsh but are obviously written to would-be scammers.  As always, I reserve the right to make exceptions as I see fit.   🙂

Two international shipment methods are now available for customers outside the USA.  Below is the text taken from the updated eBay item description:

  • USPS First Class International Package – LESS expensive, but… NO tracking information, NO insurance, NO refunds, NO exchanges.
    NOTE: Customers purchasing first class international to save money may NOT file complaints about lost or damaged packages.  You save money by assuming ALL risk during international shipping.
  • USPS Priority International Package – MORE expensive, but… WITH tracking information AND insurance (only for countries for which USPS provides tracking and insurance coverage at the time of insurance filing, which is subject to change by USPS.  Seller is not liable for changes in USPS tracking and insurance policies).  NO refunds.  Exchanges ONLY for damaged goods, and after damaged item is mailed back and received by seller.  Return shipping is the buyer’s expense, should an exchange become necessary.

Remaining Quantity Update

As of Feb 2016, I estimate to have around 150pcs left out of a total original stock of 600 PMCv1/v2 devices produced.  I suspect this will last sometime through the middle of 2016 and may start selling out faster once people know stock is limited.  If you’ve been on the fence, they may not be available much longer.  There are currently no plans to build additional PMCv2 devices.