Teaching STEM


We homeschool.  I’m an (electrical) engineer. I learn.  Maybe I can teach, too?


Homeschooling rocks.  But you probably already know that.  I’ll be capturing stuff we try here for two purposes: (1) so I can use it again in the future, and (2) so you can, too.

Curriculum Topics

Blech, what a dirty word.. “curriculum.”  Luckily, “technology with daddy” is an elective.  Well, not in our family.  But if I do a bad job, at least we hopefully had fun trying.  At the end of the day, if I spark my kids interest in learning, then we win!   I am not here to create curriculum.  I’m here to document what we try for my own re-use and let others piggy-back on what I’ve tried.

Below are some topics that we hope to cover.  As we try stuff, links will be added.

Keep Up-to-date

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