You are alone, in the garage. You see the mailman just leaving your mailbox. Walk to the [[driveway]]The driveway is bumpy. Walking on it without shoes, hurts your feet. It is as dark as the middle of the night, which is odd, because it's the middle of the day! Go back to the [[garage]] Go to the [[mailbox]] You are at the mailbox! Do you [[open the mailbox]]? Or do you leave it shut and go back to the [[driveway]]?As you slowly and carefully open the mailbox, you see a big, brown, cardboard box, which has your name on it. You take it out and find that it is <b>SHAKING</b>! You are very nervous about opening it, but it has your name on it! What will you do? Open the [[package]] to see what's inside. Return the package to the [[mailbox]].Congratulations! You got a new pet lizard, named Squeeky! THE END